Tartu, Estonia

24 April, 2017 to 27 April, 2017

The “Functional Materials and Nanotechnologies-2017” belongs to the yearly conference series started by the Institute of Solid State Physics and University of Latvia. This year's conference is organized by Estonian Physical Society and University of Tartu in Tartu, Estonia. The scope of conference covers experimental and theoretical research on functional materials, nanotechnology, optical materials, novel characterization methods, low dimensional systems and sustainable energy technologies.

The following leading scientists will present their newest results
• Andris Anspoks, When and how oxide nano-particles are formed in advanced ODS steels? Practical application of advanced structure analysis methods
• Wei Cao, Functional nanomaterials for sustainable energy
• Robert A. Evarestov, New insight on the supercell model of imperfect crystals
• Anatoly I. Frenkel, Shining Synchrotron Light on Active Species in the Nanoscale
• Andrei Kholkin, Electrochemical strain microscopy
• Konstantin Klementiev, MAX IV laboratory in Lund, Sweden: research portfolio, present status expected performance
• Malle Krunks, Novel materials for future PV technologies
• Ru-Shi Liu, All-inorganic perovskite quantum dot nanocomposite with high stability and wide color gamut used for backlight display
• Boris Polyakov, Nanomanipulations and tribological experiments on heterostructured core-shell nanowires
• Marina Popova, Multifunctional materials from the huntite family
• Subhash C. Singhal, General problems of solid oxide fuel cells in sustainable energetics.
• Krisjanis Smits, Lanthanide ion luminescence for studies of oxide nanocrystals
• Aivars Vembris, Organic molecular glasses for light amplification in solid state lasers
• Tomoyuki Yamamoto, Local environment of dilute 3d transition elements in optical materials – XANES measurements and DFT calculations
• Herre van der Zant, The physics and applications of graphene membranes

Explore the full conference programme and register: http://www.fmnt.ut.ee/overview/

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