Warsaw, Poland

14 March, 2018 to 16 March, 2018

This specialist business and scientific event is organized by MT Targi Polska in cooperation with representatives of science, academic society, industry institutions and scientific research centres. At the fair, manufacturers and distributors of laboratory equipment, analytical instrumentation, optical equipment, measuring and checking devices, chemical substances, laboratory vessels and glass or other products present their offer. Exhibitors also include certifying authorities, companies and entities that offer solutions and services for the laboratory industry. Among EuroLab visitors there are representatives of industrial, analytical, medical and hospital laboratories and quality control departments, as well as specialists in the fields of environmental protection, metrology, criminology, veterinary medicine and epidemiology. The fair is accompanied by prestigious competitions that promote innovative products and services for the laboratory industry.

Baltic TRAM's project partner Foundation of Innovative Initiatives will attend the event on behalf of Baltic TRAM. For more information please contact Adriana Ciołka at adriana.ciolka@fii.org.pl.

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