The CBSS Baltic Sea Science Day 2018 took place on 25 January 2018 in Turku on the occasion of the 5th Rectors´ Conference of the Baltic University Programme and centenary of Åbo Akademi University.

Baltic TRAM had a prominent role in the event. Firstly, Baltic TRAM was showcased as a model open science project in a workshop co-chaired by Tomasz Jałukowicz, Coordinator of the EUSBSR Policy Area Innovation, National Representative of Poland to the Baltic TRAM High Level Group, Chief Expert at the Polish Ministry of Science and Higher Education.

Secondly, the report “Multi-Level Governance of Innovation and Smart Specialisation” was presented to the attendants of the conference as an example of how committed transnational partnerships are translating their actions through the pivotal framework of Sustainable Development Goals´ implementation tailored for the Baltic Sea Region – the CBSS Baltic 2030 Action Plan.

In addition to the discussions revolving around Baltic TRAM during the CBSS Baltic Sea Science Day 2018, it should be added that with its open call Baltic TRAM ensures that the economic benefits deriving “from the transfer, uptake and actual use of the results of research” (reference to the ERA Progress Report 2016, p. 8) is better known among the businesses across the EU. Such awareness building is organised through the operational phase of the Baltic Sea Region-wide network of Industrial Research Centres.

Baltic TRAM helps to translate the vision of the “next generations of researchers to evolve as Open Science citizens” into reality. Baltic TRAM open data pilot´s adherence to EUDAT and, thus, the European Open Science Cloud demonstrates the implementation phase of earlier set recommendations to support “Open Science by providing a digital and support infrastructure for researchers”.

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