16 November, 2018

On Friday, 2nd November, a large number of local businesses came to an event at SDU Sønderborg, where SDU researchers informed about their services and competences.
"We want to be as close to the companies as possible," says Dean Henrik Bindslev. And there is a good explanation for this: "Companies should see us as their development department.”

It makes sense that students help local businesses to solve different challenges and issues.
"It makes the students better," says Henrik Bindslev. In our times there is much talk about the challenges of obtaining skilled labor, and the link between SDU and local businesses is a gain for companies. "And it helps our students to get a good job," says Henrik Bindslev. Students are happy that they get the possibility to solve tasks for local businesses because it is more fun to develop for a real project than to work on fictional challenges.

The day offered dialog between researchers, authorities and companies from both sides of the Danish-German border on the latest technological achievements in the sector of automation and digitalisation. It is this kind of exchange that counts as one of the main areas of the Baltic TRAM project.

See images of the day from a local newspaper article.

After the great success this year the event will be held again in 2019!

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