Baltic TRAM’s 2nd call for research services is almost 2/3 of the way through, with a total of 15 companies having applied. Calls are the main mechanism within the project for creating a basis for future, sustained research-industry collaboration with the help of industrial research centres (IRECs). The 1st call gave the IREC network a good appreciation of the challenge of finding companies interested in doing short-term research like that proposed in Baltic TRAM. The lesson going forward is that since many factors are at play which determine whether a company ends up submitting a proposal, IRECs are exploring and experimenting with different ways to reach and engage companies.

The diversity of sectors represented amongst the applicants in the 1st call is likewise repeated in this call, with beauty & personal care companies being particularly visible. Counting applications from the 1st call, a total of 6 beauty & personal care products are in the process or have been analysed, which makes up for 1/6 of all applications. Since November, our IRECs have met with companies from a broad swath of the economy of the Baltic Sea Region (10 sectors) as shown in the pie-chart below, which just underscores how companies from pretty much any sector stand to benefit from these types of research services.

Companies from the Baltic Sea Region as well as all across Europe are welcome to apply. The best place to start is the project website, which includes information about IREC contact points (click here), the terms of the call for applications and the application form itself. Companies based outside the Baltic Sea Region are invited to contact any of the listed IRECs. Please remember - the call ends April 30th, 2018!

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