What do you mean by “measurements”?
We will measure samples of your materials, analyzing its features and responses on a micro-, nano- or molecular scale. The measurements are carried out at renowned analytical research facilities in the Baltic Sea Region. Such measurements can take your knowledge about your materials to a completely new level, and enable you to improve your product portfolio or in-house manufacturing processes. The kind of services that we offer will only take a few months from start to finish. This can be compared to typical business-research collaborations that can last up to several years.

What is an IReC?
The Industrial Research Centres (IReCs) are business-support units that can help you throughout the entire application process - from formulating a product or process challenge to designing follow-up activities that support you in applying the knowledge gained in your product or manufacturing processes.

Do I need to contact the IReC before applying?
No, but we strongly recommend you to do so. It will increase your chances to be approved and to receive tailored support. You can find the contact details to your local or national here.

When does the call for proposals begin? The Baltic TRAM project will have ongoing open calls, starting from April 2017. Stay up to date on www.baltic-tram.eu

Who evaluates my application?
The Evaluation Committee is made up of experts from different scientific disciplines, and represents several of the Baltic TRAM project partners. To avoid any potential of conflict of interest, no industry or industry-affiliated experts are among the Evaluation Committee members.

What are the criteria for evaluating my proposal?
There are two major criteria: feasibility and expected impact. The feasibility concerns whether the product/process challenge that you outline can be matched with an analytical research facility whose staff and research infrastructure can help you. Meanwhile, expected impact refers to the extent to which you your application addresses the potential relevance and importance of such measurements for your ongoing or future product/process development activities.

When should I expect to hear back about my application?
Your local/national IReC will contact you within 14 calendar days from the date when your application was submitted via the online application system.

What does the Service Contract entail?
Please review the sample Service Contract to get a feeling about the terms of cooperation that you and cooperating organizations are likely going to follow.

Can I count on support in understanding the results of the measurements and doing possible follow-up measurements?
Most certainly. Please note, however, that beyond the two calls planned to take place during this project, subsequent support will be fee-based. Please see the Terms of Reference for rules governing the Call for Proposals.

Do I have to agree to share measurement-related data or information with the general public?
Considerations related to trade secrets and propriety data will of course be respected. However, it would be very much appreciated if you could be accommodating of the Baltic TRAM partnership’s desire to adequately promote the project and the idea of business-research collaboration. Please also remember that the cost of the measurements and support provided to you is covered by public funds. The Baltic TRAM project will reserve the right to use your company name and logo in project communications.