Baltic TRAM Perspective on Innovation Vouchers

13 April, 2018 News

Baltic TRAM has the pleasure to present to all interested parties its perspective on innovation vouchers. The Baltic TRAM Briefing Note 1/2018 “Innovation Voucher Landscape” is a concise overview of the existing main funding models followed by an outline of the Baltic TRAM proposed macroregional innovation voucher model.

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Highlights of SYNERGI2018 event in Amsterdam

10 April, 2018 News

Baltic TRAM among other EU projects dealing with industry and research collaboration has recently supported the discussions at the event SYNERGI2018 - Synchrotron and Neutron Radiation Go Industrial

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Latest insights on Analytical Research Infrastructures

03 April, 2018 to 03 April, 2018 News

Baltic TRAM has recently released a review on regional analytical research facilities, their intermediate and supporting administrative organisations. The publication sheds light on the interactions between the stakeholders and the identified RIS3, clusters and RDI development organisations. The review was prepared by University of Turku in close cooperation with the Baltic TRAM partner organisations.

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Baltic TRAM engages in the European discussion on open science in agri-food

28 February, 2018 News

Following the Baltic TRAM expressed support for the European Open Science Cloud, the project has sought further ways how to engage in the debate revolving around open science and open innovation. Baltic TRAM recently offered reflections and suggestions to the e-ROSA Vision Paper "Towards an e-infrastrcture for Open Science in Agri-food" serves as one of such specific steps. Baltic TRAM partnership, as an active network interested in further extending its outreach, invites other projects and initiatives to inform about their calls of public consultations on open science, open data and open innovation matters.

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