The project has established a network of universities and research institutes that improves cooperation with industry. 11 of 14 partners (plus one associated partner) want to continue working together on the network and have signed a Memorandum of Understanding.

The pilot activities within the project, with 68 applications for industrial measurements, have shown a need for an expansion of industrial services at research institutes and universities. Especially SMEs - with a share of
94 % - have used the offer.

70 per cent of all measurements were done within one country. However, with 30% transnational measurements, a great need for international exchange was also demonstrated. The international exchange of measurements has been balanced between East and West. This may reduce brain drain of scientists from East to West if they execute scientific services in their home places.

The project
• stimulated innovation and research intensity across the local, regional and national research and business landscapes through guiding companies to RPOs.
• enabled knowledge transfer on a transnational and transregional scale by “tapping” international expertise.
• supported the aspirations of the European Research Area and strengthens the Baltic Sea Region.

Research vouchers for SMEs could address the need of SMEs to get access to state-of-the-art scientific services through government programs and support SMEs' access to research institutes and universities. The idea of introducing a system of research vouchers is supported by most of the flagship projects in PA Innovation. PA Innovation will start a Greenfield initiative for further discussion of this idea with responsible stakeholders.

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