Combined report on Industrial User Experience, Pilot Activity Impact and Open data

Baltic TRAM Brochure

The Brochure summarizes the project's main outputs, success stories, lessons learnt and recommendations.

Introduce Challenge

The Industrial Research Centres (IReCs) are business-support units that assist companies in reaching out to research

Baltic TRAM in short

Baltic TRAM strengthens the relationship between analytical research institutions and businesses.

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Baltic TRAM ended – What are the results?

The project has established a network of universities and research institutes that improves cooperation with industry. 11 of 14 partners (plus one associated partner) want to continue working together on the network and have signed a Memorandum of Understanding.

The pilot activities within the project, with 68 applications for industrial measurements, have shown a need for an expansion of industrial services at research institutes and universities. Especially SMEs - with a share of 94 % - have used the offer.

70 per cent of all measurements were done within one country. However, with 30% transnational measurements, a great need for international exchange was also demonstrated. The international exchange of measurements has been balanced between East and West. This may reduce brain drain of scientists from East to West if they execute scientific services in their home places.
The project
• stimulated innovation and research intensity across the local, regional and national research and business landscapes through guiding companies to RPOs.
• enabled knowledge transfer on a transnational and transregional scale by “tapping” international expertise.
• supported the aspirations of the European Research Area and strengthens the Baltic Sea Region.

Research vouchers for SMEs could address the need of SMEs to get access to state-of-the-art scientific services through government programs and support SMEs' access to research institutes and universities. The idea of introducing a system of research vouchers is supported by most of the flagship projects in PA Innovation. PA Innovation will start a Greenfield initiative for further discussion of this idea with responsible stakeholders.

Lessons learned

The Baltic TRAM project has been a great learning experience for experts interested in the European governance, macro-regional collaboration and smart specialisation. For Zane Šime, Communication & Research Coordinator at the Council of the Baltic Sea States (CBSS) Secretariat, and the Baltic TRAM Work Package 3 Leader, it has been an opportunity to explore the transnational traits of a myriad of smart specialisation related processes.

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Baltic TRAM Open Call

The Baltic TRAM project has carried out three calls for proposals and offered free access to state-of-the-art analytical research facilities across the Baltic Sea Region, providing technical and scientific expertise.

Latest statistics

Company cases

Companies selected for support were provided with consultations and measurements of materials samples at an analytical research facility.

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Open Data Portal

Portal is a library of company cases and a database of the experiments conducted during the Baltic TRAM open calls

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Latest News

Baltic TRAM: Science for Business in the Baltic Sea Region

On 23 February 2019, the Baltic TRAM parallel session took place during the CBSS Baltic Sea Science Day 2019. It was the final public gathering of the various actors involved and interested in the project before the end of the active Baltic TRAM implementation phase.

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Placing Baltic TRAM in the spotlight of the sTARTUp Days

The sTARTUp Days´ event held on 23-25 January was an unique meeting platform for showcasing the Baltic TRAM achievements and inspiring entrepreneurial representatives.

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Inspiring discussions in Brussels

On 26 November, Baltic TRAM together with Baltic Science Network and the promotional partner Science Business welcomed about 200 participants to the international conference "The Baltic Sea Region - A Science Powerhouse".

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Companies should see us as their development department

On Friday, 2nd November, a large number of local businesses came to an event at SDU Sønderborg, where SDU researchers informed about their services and competences.

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