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Final technopolis report

Study on better cooperation between Research Infrastructures and Industry -
A final report to DESY, EU-Projekt Baltic TRAM

Open call in short

The Baltic TRAM project offers companies free access to state-of-the-art analytical research facilities across the Baltic Sea Region, providing technical and scientific expertise to help solve challenges associated with developing new products or services.

Latest News

Update on the 2nd call for research services

Baltic TRAM’s 2nd call for research services is almost 2/3 of the way through, with a total of 15 companies having applied. Companies from the Baltic Sea Region as well as all across Europe are welcome to apply. Please remember - the call ends April 30th, 2018!

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Baltic TRAM Discussed During the Macro-Regional Innovation Week

Baltic TRAM is within the framework of the event focused on Science and Technology (S&T) Knowledge for Policy Support and Collaboration within the EU Macro-Regions linked and the Western Balkans and with a special emphasis on the Smart Specialisation and S&T Support to Policies

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