The Finnish partners: University of Turku and regional development agency Kainuun Etu Oy, has launched the first call for measurements in Baltic TRAM.

The call is aimed at companies seeking to collaborate in the field of materials research. The project will match the companies with the best available research facility in the Baltic Sea Region where they will receive high quality research services to meet their specific industrial development challenge. Companies will be selected through an international process, and services will be totally free of charge for the companies.

The opportunities in material research services for companies will be communicated through several open events during spring 2017, and company specific discussions in the Turku area. Kainuu region takes the approach of direct contacts to companies, carried out by Baltic TRAM project staff or by other Kainuun Etu development projects. In both cases the aim is that the company receives their support from one single source. The contact persons at the University of Turku and Kainuun Etu Oy respectively will help the companies to fill in the application - from the early definition of the research problem into defining the service concept and writing the application for the international evaluation committee. The local contact persons will support the companies also on other matters, according to their specific needs.

The call is open for all companies in all industries and the selection process will be handled by an international selection committee granting all companies equal treatment and opportunity. If the application is approved by the evaluation committee, the actual research measurements and analysis will be conducted at the best available research facility in the Baltic Sea Region and the results of the measurements will be delivered through the local contacts.

The target is to find at least 20 companies from Kainuu. The University of Turku is leading the process to develop and establish Industrial Research Centres (IReCs) which will function as bodies/organisations that offer research services for the industry.

More information about the call and the project
University of Turku
Project manager, Sari Stenvall-Virtanen,, GSM + 358 40 501 3757
Senior researcher Taina Laiho,, GSM + 358 50 554 3611
Call specific material, in Finnish:

Kainuun Etu Oy
Project manager, Silja Keränen,, GSM +358 44 551 4615
Director, international projects, Ninetta Chaniotou, , GSM +358 551 4559
Expert, Markus Leinonen, , GSM +358 44 551 3831

Call specific material, in Finnish

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